Develop is the best online learning platform for business and technology professionals who want to gain the knowledge and skills they need to get ahead in our ever-evolving, tech-driven world.

Our platform enables subscribers to take control of their careers, reach their full potential, and prepare for the next technology evolution.

These principles inform every decision we make:

  • Every student should have access to the highest-quality instructors, course material, and practice opportunities.
  • Learning should be personalized and available according to your schedule – not ours.
  • Access to education should not be determined by the size of your bank account.

We’re passionate about the future of work, and we try hard every day to make sure learners can sleep soundly each night, knowing they’re as ready as they can be for changes to come.

Gone are the days of getting a degree and calling your education “done”.

Today, professionals face enormous pressure to keep their skills updated, be ready to embrace emerging trends, and pivot on a dime. Entire industries have been disrupted thanks to technological advances, and professionals who are prepared to embrace change are well-suited to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.


We’re agitators, misfits, and habitual rule-breakers who wanted to create a company we wanted to work at. We come from all walks of life and live all around the country. See if you can guess based on our photos where we spend (most of) our days.

Because of our diverse backgrounds, we’re able to think outside of the learning industry and use our own experiences and perspectives to make sure our subscribers have the best learning experience possible. We’ve been working for a combined 70+ years, and bring highlights to the team including:

  • Co-founding a learning startup which grew to $50M in yearly revenues within 4 years
  • Building an award-winning integrated digital strategy for a publishing company, which grew the social footprint from 660k to 10M+
  • Working with over half of the current Fortune 100 companies designing, releasing, and scaling their training programs
  • Running digital strategy for a major US network music awards show 3 years in a row (yes, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas)
Kevin Pawsey | Develop CXO

Kevin Pawsey
Advisory Board Member, Global Knowledge CXO

Michelle Lockwood | Develop Head of Product

Michelle Lockwood
Head of Product

John McKeever | Develop Head of Content

John McKeever
Head of Content


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