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Course Description
Here you will cover the pros and cons of various cloud data storage solutions. You will be able to create, access, manage your Amazon S3 cloud services. and learn how to use the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) and Python Software Development Kit (SDK) to control Amazon Web Services(AWS) services. Lastly, you will create a simple data pipeline that reads from and writes to your cloud data storage. This course is part of the Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure learning path - complete this path to learn how to build AI systems for enterprise.
  • To complete the Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure learning path you should have intermediate knowledge of Python and Google Collab. You should also understand data preparation work as well as knowledge of common ML and AI algorithms, different databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, and Cassandra and data formats for large collections of data. Knowledge of Spark is also useful along with AI system design principles and workflow management platforms like Airflow.