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Course Description
One of the biggest productivity boosts you can add to your data-driven application is to use a high-level framework to access your database. SQLAlchemy is the most popular and powerful ORM (Object Relational Mapper) for Python. In this course, you will learn the value that ORMs add to our application for data access, why SQLAlchemy is special in the Python ecosystem, and how to install SQLAlchemy.
  • A basic command of the Python language and standard library
Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy is the founder and host of two successful Python podcasts: Talk Python To Me and Python Bytes. He runs Talk Python Training which provides best-of-class online courses for Python developers. He is deeply involved in the Python community, is a MongoDB Master, and knows a thing or two about .NET as well. Michael has taught over 100 week-long developer training courses spread across 4 continents. He has spoken at a number of US and international conferences including NDC, Software Design and Development, DevWeek, Software Architect and more.