Course Description
Subnetting is a critical skill for planning a network infrastructure. Let’s talk about planning and implementing IPv4 subnets in an enterprise network. Subnetting allows you to organize your network according to any business or logical division that makes sense for your organization. Without subnetting your network is flat. All devices have a same network address, which makes managing a network nearly impossible. But add subnetting and suddenly your network has structure and is easier to manage. You can limit the number of devices in each subnet. You can control the flow of traffic by restricting access to certain subnets. You can isolate systems to aid in troubleshooting. In this course, you will learn the basics of both fixed length and variable length subnet masking. You will also learn how to apply subnet masks and calculate subnet values, giving you the basic skills you need to develop a subnet plan in a real-world network environment.
  • There are no prerequisites for this course.
William Clark
Bill has 20 years of experience teaching a broad range of IT subjects including Certified Wired Network Administrator, Network Plus, Security Plus, and Understanding Networking Fundamentals. He holds a variety of certifications including CTT+, Network+, Mobility+, Security+, CCWNT, CWTS, and CWNA.