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Course Description
The size and complexity of modern networks almost ensures that problems will sometimes occur in the delivery of IP packets. The Internet Protocol provides a mechanism for reporting error information when those problems arise. In this course, you'll learn how The Internet Control Messaging Protocol, or ICMP, provides error reports and diagnostic messages. You will learn the layout of ICMP messages and the common ICMP message types and their functions. In addition, you'll be able to recognize several common types of ICMP messages by examining output from a protocol analyzer. Finally, you'll be able to explain how the ICMP time exceeded message is used with trace route.
  • A strong foundation of basic networking concepts
William Clark
Bill has 20 years of experience teaching a broad range of IT subjects including Certified Wired Network Administrator, Network Plus, Security Plus, and Understanding Networking Fundamentals. He holds a variety of certifications including CTT+, Network+, Mobility+, Security+, CCWNT, CWTS, and CWNA.