Course Description
Voice over IP, or VoIP, is a good example of applying the TCP/IP protocols to carry time sensitive information such as a voice or video. VoIP relies on TCP/IP protocols to deliver new and innovative ways of communicating over TCP/IP networks. In this course, you will learn the TCP/IP protocols that support VoIP, better understand the benefits of VoIP, describe the basic components of a VoIP system, explain how SIP sets up a telephone call, describe the use of session description protocol, list some common VoIP codecs, and learn about RTP.
  • A strong foundation of basic networking concepts
William Clark
Bill has 20 years of experience teaching a broad range of IT subjects including Certified Wired Network Administrator, Network Plus, Security Plus, and Understanding Networking Fundamentals. He holds a variety of certifications including CTT+, Network+, Mobility+, Security+, CCWNT, CWTS, and CWNA.