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Course Description
In this course, you will configure and customize Jira to fit our organization’s needs as well as be introduced to Jira database, and rest api for add-on development. You will explore the steps to add issue types and custom fields to handle custom requirements for the project and then enable time tracking to log work against issues in the project. You will take a look at user management in JIRA including administering user accounts, managing group and project roles, and monitoring user logins and activity. You will learn to configure and update the JIRA layout according to your organization’s requirements. Finally, you will become familiar with how to run queries against tables and use the rest api to access the data.


Afsana Atar
Afsana Atar is an accomplished test engineer with over 10 years' extensive experience in software testing. Her recent book Hands-on Test Management with JIRA was rated the #1 best new software testing book in 2019 by Her expertise has been honed and deployed in a variety of domains, including digital advertising, education, healthcare, and financial sectors (including banking, insurance, and trading). She has worked for various organizations including Google, IBM, Principal Financial Group, and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Currently, she works for Susquehanna International Group, a financial trading firm. Afsana is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM), an Agile scrum practitioner, and part of the scrum alliance community. She has managed and worked on projects worth over a million dollars in various capacities, ranging from Quality Assurance Engineer to QA Manager. She believes in sharing her experiences with the testing community to help foster greater learning and innovation.