Course Description
Augmented reality can deliver a level of immersion that is unrivalled by any other method of development, as it blends our reality with overlaid computer generated data. This course serves as your introduction to AR, examining the structures of Unity and Vuforia and how they work together to create augmented reality. You will learn how to set up Unity and Vuforia and get a a brief introduction into C#. You’ll take a look at how to start an AR project by adding a 3D object to a game environment and learn the basics of how to manipulate that object. Finally, you’ll learn the programming basics of C# and find out what integers, floats, variables, and strings are, and how to write your first bit of C# code.
  • There are no prerequisites for this course.
Diego Herrera
Diego owned a digital agency for 16 years in the UK before relocating to Spain for a change in direction. His experience covers an array of programming languages and he has a passion for new technology in the digital field. He started developing in 2002 and has worked in numerous fields including web, app development, multilingual software, and 3D. He also released patent-pending technology for software created for the UK National Health Service (NHS). Throughout his career, he has trained internal and external staff and assisted various companies with their required software training. He spends his time creating videos, developing 3D applications and augmented reality apps, and teaching others to do the same. In his spare time, he enjoys photography and video editing.