Course Description
This course will teach you about Docker and some of its internals, in order to better understand how containerization technologies work. We will first see the Docker architecture, build the Docker image, and work on Docker volumes. This course also covers Docker networking, and Docker compose.
  • Courses in this series require the use of a trial account on Google Cloud Platform, an editor as well as Node.js, Docker, and Google Container Engine (GCE).
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez is an engineer and author. He is a Google Developer Expert in Kubernetes (GKE), who enjoys being pushed out of his comfort zone in order to sharpen his skills. Java, Node.js, Python, and DevOps—as well as a holistic approach to security—are part of the skill set that has helped him deliver value across different start-ups and corporations. David is a consultant at nearForm, enabling companies to deliver the best possible solution to their IT problems or proposals, as well as an avid speaker at conferences such as Rebel Con and Google I/O Extended, among others.