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Course Description
In this course, you will learn how to use TypeScript to define variables and see how this can help you to debug your code. TypeScript provides many additional features over the use of JavaScript. It can make it much easier to build JavaScript code with fewer bugs by providing for compile-time checking of types and adding additional scoping rules to variable definitions through use of the "let" keyword.
  • A basic understanding of JavaScript development
Wallace Kelly
Wallace Kelly has been teaching software development for about 14 years, focusing mostly on .Net, including C#, F# and WPF. His passion for teaching started as a little kid when other parents would hire him to teach programming to their kids. Wallace is an experienced, interdisciplinary researcher and program manager. He has vast expertise in intelligent systems, software development, and innovating for next-generation systems. He'll bring this diverse, real-world experience to you as he introduces you to programming basics.

Sean Morgan