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Course Description
In this course, we’ll discuss specifics about some of the issues you’re likely to encounter in a Cloud project. Whether you are migrating existing applications to the cloud or building new ones from scratch, you are likely to encounter some of these issues so it’s best to consider them before you begin. We’ll talk about how you can organize project teams, common issues with migration, and security concerns. This course is for people who are not programmers or network operators but do work in a technical environment and want to learn more about the terms that technical people use.
  • There are no prerequisites for this course.
Scott Duffy
Scott Duffy is an Azure Trainer, TOGAF® Trainer, and AWS Trainer. Scott loves making complex technical topics easy to understand. This has been the basis of his entire career – as a developer, as a development manager, as a software architect – over the past 20 years. He has spent half his time in the world of business, explaining complex technical topics to business owners and stakeholders so that they can understand and agree with his approach to solving their business problems with technical solutions. And the other half with developers, explaining the business reasons behind decisions and ensuring that any decisions made on the technical side don't restrict the business in unexpected ways. He started teaching courses in 2014 and has taught over 100,000 students. He is grateful every day with being able to connect with so many students in almost every country around the world. He is a certified Enterprise Architect and certified cloud architect. He has been developing with Microsoft technologies for 20 years, starting with Classic ASP, and all the versions of .NET. We now live in the cloud era, with Microsoft Azure being prevalent in most large enterprises. He is certified as an Azure Architect and Developer too. As well as AWS Solution Architect Associate (SAA).