Course Description
Git is a distributed source control system with growing popularity among software developers. In this course, you will install the command line version of the Git client on your machine. You may be using a Windows, Mac, or Linux machine. In all cases, the installation and setup is fairly similar. You may wonder, “Why use the command line client of Git and not a graphical client?” That is a good question and one that we answer in this course. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to customize your command line interface and bookmark a few helpful sites. This course prepares you and your machine to get started using Git.
  • An understanding of the role of source control in the software development process.
Wallace Kelly
Wallace Kelly has been teaching software development for about 14 years, focusing mostly on .Net, including C#, F# and WPF. His passion for teaching started as a little kid when other parents would hire him to teach programming to their kids. Wallace is an experienced, interdisciplinary researcher and program manager. He has vast expertise in intelligent systems, software development, and innovating for next-generation systems. He'll bring this diverse, real-world experience to you as he introduces you to programming basics.