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Course Description
In this course, you'll learn how to execute the main tasks in the Skype for Business Admin Center. You'll look at the dashboard and discover how to set up external communications, how to manage individual users and online meeting settings, and explore the dialing and conferencing tools and reports that you can use.
  • We recommend you have completed the previous courses in this learning path.
Nikkia Carter
Nikkia Carter is the Worldwide Modern Workplace Tech Lead at Microsoft, covering Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Windows, SharePoint, Office, and Security and Compliance. She also serves on Microsoft's VFI taskforce. In 2001, she started as an applications developer, before adding in intranet development. In 2009, Nikkia changed to SharePoint, later adding Office 365 and related tech. She ran a Microsoft partnership for seven years, before selling it in 2018. She has worked with clients in the government, commercial, and non-profit spaces. Nikkia is an accomplished speaker, event organizer, former community leader, former Microsoft MVP, and a Microsoft and Microsoft Partner board member.