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Course Description
An extremely important technique for developing high-quality software is writing thorough unit tests. What is a "unit" in unit testing? It's a small chunk of code - perhaps a single class or function. However, each unit of code is likely dependent on lots of other code. It can be difficult to isolate a unit of code. The unittest.mock library is designed to help you break those dependencies. It's a tricky library to learn, but it is critical to writing good tests for your software. In this course you will learn to understand mocking, use a mock, and patch functions dynamically.
  • Basic Python programming experience
Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy is the founder and host of two successful Python podcasts: Talk Python To Me and Python Bytes. He runs Talk Python Training which provides best-of-class online courses for Python developers. He is deeply involved in the Python community, is a MongoDB Master, and knows a thing or two about .NET as well. Michael has taught over 100 week-long developer training courses spread across 4 continents. He has spoken at a number of US and international conferences including NDC, Software Design and Development, DevWeek, Software Architect and more.

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