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Course Description
At some point, most developers will need to surmount the daunting task of connecting to and communicating with a remote machine. That's where Paramiko comes in. It lets you establish a secure connection over Secure Shell version 2 (SSH v2) to exchange data and execute commands on the remote server. You can implement scheduled tasks and examine intermachine processes. Plus, it is cross-platform; so code that you write on, say, Linux can run on Windows. In this course, you'll learn how to make a secure connection with a username and password, or even a passwordless connection, which is crucial for unattended / scheduled tasks. In addition, you'll discover how to obtain attributes of files and directories on the remote server, transfer files between machines, and much more.
  • A basic understanding of the Python language and standard library. Familiarity with SSH v2 protocol and file system permissions.
Brian Wolf
Proven project leader and 36 year veteran with extensive hands-on experience over entire software lifecycle.