We enable companies to provide affordable training options for all levels of technology professionals.

Develop Foundation

Foundation courses provide your team members with a solid introduction to the most important and popular technology topics of today.

These courses teach basic knowledge and skills across topics including:
– Project Management
– Cloud Technologies
– Software Development
– Cybersecurity, and more

Data Academy

Data Academy courses provide your data team members with in-depth knowledge and skill development opportunities.

These courses teach expert-level knowledge and skills across topics including:
– Data Fundamentals
– Data Science
– Machine Learning
– Artificial Intelligence, and more

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Access from any device
No minimum purchase
Learn in-demand skills
Flexible start and end times


Develop gives you the knowledge and skills you need to get ahead in our ever-changing, tech-driven world by making you market ready.


5-day free trial

A subscription to 300+ courses which cover the most important technology and business topics of today and tomorrow.

– Technology Basics
– DevOps
– Software Development
– Project Management
– Cybersecurity
– Cloud
– Leadership
– Management

$99.99 / year*
Data Academy

5-day free trial

A subscription to 250+ in-depth courses, quizzes, and hands-on practice opportunities designed to make you a data whiz. Understanding of data principles and applications is key to getting ahead.

– Data Fundamentals
– Data Science
– Artificial Intelligence
– Machine Learning
– Deep Learning

$399.99 / year*

Cybersecurity Academy

Online courses & hands-on training that build in-demand skills in Cybersecurity focusing on implementing, managing & auditing Linux. Learners can also access a live lab environment to practice these skills as part of the subscription.

– Security Policies with SELinux
– Password Policies
– Directory and File Permissions
– Firewall Implementation
– System Auditing
– Configure SAMBA and NFS

$399.99 / year*

*Local taxes may apply.