4 Reasons Veterans Should Consider A Career in Tech

Posted by Ricky Cadden
April 2, 2021

For many veterans of the Armed Forces, adjusting to civilian life can be a real challenge, especially when it comes to choosing a new career path. While there are plenty of career paths that are veteran-friendly and can help you to not only feel useful but to also earn a handsome salary. For many veterans, the technology industry has proven to be a place where they can thrive once they’ve been discharged, due to a number of factors.

High Demand for IT Skills

Tech has worked its way into nearly every industry, so that IT jobs are in especially high demand. The COVID-19 pandemic also drove more and more businesses to rely on technology more than ever before. Therefore, those who have in-demand tech skills are enjoying a wide variety of career options and stability in their careers. This is a great benefit for a returning veteran who is looking to transition back into civilian life.

Use Your Existing Skills

Another major reason why veterans are increasingly transitioning into tech is that you can use your existing skills. Many people who have been in the military were trained in some technical capacity, so they simply need to demonstrate their skills by providing resources, taking skills assessments, and explaining what types of skills they acquired during their service. Moreover, those who have military experience usually also possess skills such as organization, discipline, timeline management, and more. Each of these skills can allow you to become wildly successful in a tech-related role.

Analytical Mindset Is A Plus

An additional benefit to your time in service is the analytical, decision-oriented mindset that’s required in the field. This is important for those who are working in high-pressure settings because they are often required to make serious decisions at a moment’s notice. This skill is highly relevant in the tech field, only there are far less dire consequences. Either way, having an analytical mindset is an asset if you want to be successful in tech.

New Initiatives and Programs Make It Easy

Given all the potential benefits of having veterans in the tech field, there have been new initiatives created to help. For instance, there is a new initiative in which some of the top tech companies have pledged to hire 110,000 veterans. Companies such as Dell, Hewlett Packard, and EMC are all on board with this initiative. Therefore, if you are a veteran who is considering entering into the tech field, now is one of the best times to move forward with your career plan.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons veterans should consider transitioning into tech. Not only is this often an ideal career field that provides great salaries and benefits, but veterans typically have the skills and mindset to really succeed in a tech environment.

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