A Full Suite of Microsoft Office 2019 Training

Posted by John McKeever
January 28, 2021

Knowing how to use Microsoft Office is a crucial skill for any professional, no matter what your industry or job title is. Being able to use the more advanced features of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will help you document and present your ideas, keep track of performance, and report that performance out to others.  

Today we’re launching a full suite of Microsoft Office 2019 training to our online learning platform. These new online courses are designed to teach you how to use these tools more efficiently and effectively to grow your career. 

Microsoft Word 2019

Odds are, you’ve used Microsoft Word at some point in your life, but you’ve likely just stuck with the basics. These new Microsoft Word training sessions will dig into the more advanced features, including character and paragraph formatting, custom page setups, managing lists, tables, and custom formatting styles. You’ll also learn how to insert graphics, use the Mail Merge feature, build Indexes and Tables of Contents, and more.

Microsoft Excel 2019

We added a suite of more advanced Microsoft Excel trainings in 2020, focused on using Excel for data science, but today’s addition covers more essential skills, such as creating basic formulas, relative references, working with ranges, page setup options, three-dimensional formulas, adding and editing charts, and more.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

Love it or hate it, Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most crucial tools that today’s professional has. A good presentation can be the difference between your project being approved or denied, or a sale being won or lost. We’ll teach you how to build a great presentation, and knowing these skills will make it easy, so you can spend more time on the contents of your presentation, rather than the structure. 

Now is the perfect time to start learning how to use Microsoft Office 2019 in our Foundation subscription. Start your free trial today!

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Microsoft Office 2019 Course Index

Microsoft Word 2019

Microsoft Excel 2019 for Beginners

Microsoft Excel 2019 Advanced

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

All of these new Microsoft Office 2019 courses for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are included in our Foundation subscription, along with 300+ other expert-led online courses that teach you networking & telecom, data science, project management, software development, devops, cloud technologies, and more. 

It’s important that your Foundation subscription helps you stay knowledgeable about new technologies, so we’re constantly adding new courses. Recently, that includes Blockchain Real World Projects, Hands-On Building Alexa Skills, Programming Basics, Jira 8 Recipes, the Ultimate Java Masterclass, and more.