Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2021

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May 17, 2021

Ready for a new career as a software developer, or do you just want to learn to code as a hobby? Either way, there are countless programming languages out there, and it can be hard to figure out which one to start learning first. You can use the guide below to help narrow it down, then look through our list of the best programming languages to learn in 2021 to get started.

How To Choose A Programming Language To Learn

If you feel completely lost while trying to determine the best language for you to learn, that’s OK! When you’re trying to choose between a few languages, there are a few things to consider that can help you narrow the search.

First, think about your goals as a software engineer, coder, or developer. For example, if you know you want to develop websites, focus on JavaScript or PHP. But if you’re more interested in mobile app development, Kotlin or Swift might be a better choice. While these languages are ideally suited for specific tasks or projects, others are more general purpose, such as Python and Java. If you’re looking to start a new career in software development, a general purpose language will be a better choice to start with.

Second, you should also consider what languages you already know and if you want to learn something easily. Python is great for beginners, but if you already know C, then C++ or C# might be a good way to expand your knowledge.

Finally, think about the time you have to commit to learning a language or how quickly you want to be able to use it. R is very powerful, but may be more challenging to a beginner.


If you’re new to programming, Python is a great first language to learn. For starters, it’s free to learn and use, so you can start coding with it immediately.

Python is also easy to learn, and you don’t need experience as a coder to do so. Another benefit is that many companies are looking to hire Python developers, as it’s a great general purpose programming language to know.

Learning Python is a great way to start and build your career in technology. And once you learn Python, you can use your knowledge to learn even more languages.


R is another fantastic coding language to learn, especially if you want to work with data. The language uses statistical and graphical techniques, and it’s extensible.

When you use R, you can access its entire suite of software and capabilities. You can use it to calculate operations on arrays, handle and store data, and analyze the data. R can be very helpful for working with artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well.

R is free to learn and use, so you can start implementing it. If you want to work as a data analyst, learning R is an excellent way to help your career.


Another one of the best programming languages to learn is Java. It’s free to download and use, and there are regular updates to help improve it.

Many websites and apps use Java, so it’s a great language to know if you want to work as a software engineer or developer. Java is secure and fast, so it’s easy to work with. Java is also widely used for mobile game development and web applications.

The language uses objects, and its purpose is to lower the number of implementation dependencies. Whether you’re new to coding or not, Java is a great language to study.


Scala is an excellent language to learn if you already know Java. While Java has been around for a while, Scala is a more modern version that uses Java features.

It’s a functional programming language that a software engineer can use to improve their code. You can use it for concurrent programming so that you can run multiple procedures at once.

Scala allows you to create custom data types, which can help eliminate bugs. Then, your code can run smoothly and with few, if any, issues.


Another language to learn after you learn Java is Kotlin. It’s free, open-source, and an excellent general-purpose language that uses Java. Kotlin is especially useful for developing Android apps, but you can use it for other projects.

The language doesn’t use as much syntax as Java, so it may not take as long to learn. You can use it as a functional programming language, and it has safety features to help avoid bugs.

Whether you want to use Kotlin alone or with Java, you can do so. Then, you’ll be able to create apps and programs without many issues.


JavaScript is one of the best programming languages for a web developer. It’s the main language you use when developing websites, and it works well with HTML and CSS, even being able to change them.

You can use JavaScript to calculate and manipulate data, and it can also validate data. It features object orientation, dynamic typing, and curly-bracket syntax.

Whether you’re new to coding or have learned another programming language, JavaScript is great. Once you learn how to code with JavaScript, you can create a website from scratch.


TypeScript is useful for any software engineer who works with JavaScript because it’s a superset. Microsoft developed and maintains the language, but it’s open-source, so anyone can work on it.

While it’s very similar to JavaScript it also offers static typing as an optional feature. If you’ve learned JavaScript, TypeScript is a natural next step in your developer career.

The language is fantastic for developing large applications. It’s also simpler than some languages, so it’s easy to read and write for beginners and experts.

C# (C-Sharp)

Another object-oriented programming language is C#. It’s also modern and a type-safe language, so you can use it to develop various applications.

C# is part of the C language family, so it’s especially easy to learn if you know other C languages. It can also be easy to learn if you’ve worked with JavaScript or Java.

The language offers many features that allow you to develop complex apps. That way, you don’t have to worry about limitations when learning how to code.

C and C++

Just as C languages help you learn C#, C# can help you learn other C languages. C and C++ are two of the most common, with C being the original version.

C++ is a more advanced version of C, so you can learn one or both languages. Learning C first can teach you the basics, but you can skip to learning C++ so that you can use it sooner.

Now, C++ is one of the most popular languages in use. If you want to be a coder or developer, learning C++ can be a great way to help you land a job.


Go is one of the best programming languages for systems programming. You can use it to do many of the same things as you would with C or C++, but Go is much more simple.

The learning curve isn’t as steep, and you don’t have to learn as much syntax. Another benefit of using Go is that it’s a fast programming language.

You can use it to build web servers, machine learning packages, and data pipelines. Whether it’s your first language or not, consider learning Go so that you can work as a coder.


If you want to work as a web developer, you may want to learn Ruby. The scripting language serves as the basis for the Ruby on Rails framework that you can use to create many websites and applications.

It features simple syntax, and many technology businesses use it. Startups are another common group of businesses that use Ruby or Ruby on Rails.

Another benefit of learning Ruby is that it has an active community that you can ask for help as you’re learning. That can be a great way to meet other developers and sharpen your skills.


PHP is another one of the best programming languages for web developers. It’s an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor, and it works with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so you should learn those first.

Once you understand these other languages, you’ll be able to take advantage of PHP. It is free to download, and open-source so that anyone can edit it.

It’s very powerful, and it runs websites like Facebook and WordPress. If you want to learn a server-side language, PHP is a great language to learn.


An Apple app developer should learn and use Swift to create mobile apps. The language has been around since 2014, and it’s suitable for creating apps for iOS devices and Macs.

You can use Swift to develop new apps, and it can help improve app performance. Because the language is unique to Apple, you don’t have to worry about compatibility when developing apps.

Swift also works if you want to create apps for Apple TVs and Apple Watches. The Apple App Store is a great place to release apps, and Swift can help you get there.

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