Data Academy: Gain the Knowledge and Practice the Skills You Need to Become a Data Expert

Posted by Ricky Cadden
May 19, 2020

Data is all around us – in every job, every organization, every industry. In fact, according to LinkedIn’s Top Emerging Jobs report, the top emerging jobs in 2020 include Artificial Intelligence (AI) Specialist, Data Scientist, and Data Engineer. There has never been a better time to learn the knowledge and skills you need to grow your data career – or start a new one with our Data Academy! 

For $399.99/year, our Data Academy provides unlimited access to over 100 hands-on workshops and expert-led courses, with helpful knowledge checks to ensure that you’re really learning. 

We built our Data Academy in partnership with the experts at Packt so that everyone from aspiring Data Scientists to seasoned Software Engineers looking to future-proof their career can benefit and know that they’re getting high quality courses led by experts and industry veterans. 

With workshops that cover data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning, you’ll become an expert in how data works across the company. You’ll gain the skills to be able to use (and teach) systems to understand our world, analyze complex problems, and make better decisions. Even better, our Data Academy exists 100% online, so learners can take courses whenever and wherever they have time. 

Ready to get started? Here’s a few suggestions on where to begin in our Data Academy:

Data Scientist

Data Engineer

Business Analyst

Systems Administrator

Artificial Intelligence Specialist