Hello World!

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April 12, 2020

Anyone who’s learned to code remembers that first magic moment when your code actually worked. Despite the many moments of frustration which came after while wrangling with more sophisticated code, that magic spark never really completely leaves any programmer.

That sense of magic, the need to evolve with (and ahead of) the times, and our passion for great learning experiences has led us to launch Develop. Here, you’ll find courses suited to learners that come in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. You’ll see different subscription options which suit budgets large and small, and our hope is that you’ll leave each visit both educated and entertained.

Much like this blog post is the first of many to come, these 270+ courses and 2 subscriptions are too the first of many, and we’re already working hard on bringing you even more high-quality content in the months to come.

Our courses are split into two levels, Foundation and Academy. As the name implies, our Foundation courses are designed to give every learner a solid understanding of the basics, complete with the skills and knowledge they need to understand the principles of the topic. Our Academies are all dedicated to a single topic, and are designed to give every learner an in-depth understand of that specific topic, complete with hands-on practice opportunities, knowledge checks, and content brought to you in partnership with leading industry experts — some of whom you may recognize.

The Foundation Level

Our Foundation level collection includes 200+ courses and 220+ hours of content. With this subscription, students can build a basic level of knowledge and skills across a broad range of technology topics. The Foundation courses are designed to introduce concepts and build an introductory level of familiarity and skills. The Foundation subscription is perfect for someone who is looking to learn about a variety of technology topics and build skills to a basic level of competency.

The Academy Level

Our Academies are each dedicated to a specific topic area. The Data Academy is the first to launch, and a Cybersecurity academy will be coming soon. With an Academy subscription, students can build expertise, grow their skills through hands-on practice, and become subject matter experts. The Academy subscription is perfect for someone who is already knowledgeable, but wants to gain a more comprehensive understanding that they can apply directly in their work while staying on top of new trends and topics over time.

As we’re just getting to know each other, we invite you to take a virtual wander around our digital home, and contact us with any questions or feedback.