Everything You Need To Know About Building Progressive Web Apps with JavaScript

Posted by Develop Admin
March 25, 2021

With the recent move to a more remote workforce and a connected device in nearly everyone’s pocket, the internet is more embedded in our lives than ever before. Websites have been around for decades, but how people use them has transformed. Now, there’s a new tool for how internet users access a business and learn about its features or services: Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

If you run a business (or want to start one) that serves customers on the web, consider building a progressive web app. Even if you’re not a coder or developer, you can easily learn the skills required to build PWAs that offer an unrivaled experience to web users. The following beginner’s guide teaches you more about what progressive web apps are and how you can build them with JavaScript.

What Are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

Progressive web apps are modern and tech-forward, built to behave like an app but run via a web browser. The major benefits of PWAs are that they are easy to access and have user-friendly capabilities. PWAs also offer an experience similar to a mobile app, even though users access them via a web browser (whether that browser is on a PC or a mobile device).

Progressive web apps have specific characteristics that make them worth the time required to build:

  • They are app-like. They behave like an app, so they are intuitive for users.
  • They are responsive. They work and look good no matter how a user accesses them.
  • They are linkable. Unlike apps that are more complicated to share, progressive web apps can be shared easily by simply sending a link.
  • They are discoverable. They can be optimized to show up in search results and other online directories.

Our online learning platform offers classes that will teach you the foundations of building a progressive web app.

Why Should You Use JavaScript?

You have many tool options when building progressive web apps. However, one of the best reasons to use JavaScript for progressive web apps is that you or your dev team likely already know it. According to Stack Overflow’s 2020 Developer Survey, JavaScript is the most commonly-used programming language – and has been for the past eight years! Rather than learn a new language to build your app, you can employ a tool you already know. Another benefit of using JavaScript to build a progressive web app is that you can quickly pass rich data through the Digital Object Model (DOM) layer. JavaScript is also an excellent choice for building and managing apps that will be used and accessed on various platforms — including many devices, browsers, and operating systems. If you don’t already have experience, it’s very easy to learn JavaScript, with our online courses. .  

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