Develop Foundation: Build Essential Technology and Business Skills

Posted by Ricky Cadden
May 8, 2020

Everyone knows that learning is important. We spend most of our younger years in school, going through the established curriculum, progressing through until graduation. But then what?

It’s hard to know where to start when the curriculum ends and you’re left to find your own way. Even in the time from graduation to your first day on the job, it feels like technology has advanced by decades, and you now need to catch up. 

We built our online learning platform and Foundation subscription for exactly this situation. Regardless of the department you sit in or the industry you work in, every professional must build a base level of technology fluency. Depending on the job, understanding everything from project management to software development could be needed to work effectively with the various teams across an organization. 

Personally, I could have used a Foundation subscription when I joined a major travel company to take over marketing for their mobile travel app. While fluent in marketing, I soon discovered that my lack of tech skills were holding me back from working well with other groups. 

Our product team would invite me to their “scrum” meetings, talk about what’s in the next “sprint”, host code reviews, and debate what should be included in the “MVP” release. I was completely lost, and it took longer than I’d like to admit before I realized that “MVP” did NOT mean “Most Valuable Player”. 

I needed to gain additional knowledge and tech skills, and I needed them quickly so I could keep my projects moving and use the language our product team was speaking to communicate my needs and understand their priorities. 

Maybe you’re not a marketer, but you work in finance or HR. Or perhaps you’re ready for a complete change of career, and you don’t know the first thing about technology or IT, but are looking to learn more. Our online learning platform has learning paths for agile project management, cybersecurity, software development (Python and Java basics), and more.

For just $99.99/year, the Foundation subscription contains over 200 courses and 220+ hours of content, led by experts, to help you get up to speed and then stay ahead of the curve. It’s well-organized and is separated into easy-to-follow learning paths. Each online course includes knowledge checks so you know you’re not only learning new information, but absorbing what you’ve learned.

For aspiring project management professionals, we’ve included a full suite of online courses on Agile Project Management, as well as prep courses to get you ready for an ITIL® 4 certification or the Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam.

Ready to get started? Here are our top suggestions: 

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