How CompTIA A+ Certification Could Fast-Track Your Career

Posted by Develop Admin
April 30, 2021

The IT world is becoming increasingly complex, and more companies are seeking professionals who are well-versed in managing the demands of modern technology. CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) A + is the gold standard in fundamental IT certifications, representing your capabilities across diverse IT fields. The certification requires you to pass two exams (Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220-1002)) that span practical modules on hardware, network, and software management.

CompTIA A+ is the only IT certification with performance-based items that challenge you to apply critical thinking in your problem-solving processes. As such, by completing your CompTIA A+ certification, you’re proving your  ability to apply your skills “on-the-job”, not just your knowledge – a key benefit that sets you apart from other job applicants.

Skills Validated by CompTIA A+

The CompTIA A + certification equips you with nine core skills, providing you with the confidence and practice you need to optimize an organization’s IT infrastructure. Additionally, IT experts frequently update the CompTIA A+ curriculum to ensure that it reflects the latest industry changes and the best practice uses. 

As such, the skills covered in the CompTIA A+ course are kept current and relevant for today’s workplace,  especially as more organizations transition to remote operations, BYOD arrangements, and cloud-based storage. These skills include identifying various networks (i.e., differentiating WiFi from SOHO), protecting networks against account vulnerabilities, and setting up client-side virtualization.  

Studying for the CompTIA A+ Certification Exams

As with most certifications, you can significantly improve your chances of passing the CompTIA A+ exams by simply studying. We have a whole suite of CompTIA A+ exam prep courses included in our Foundation subscription – this gives you unlimited online access to make studying easy and convenient. Additionally, there are a few tips for preparing for the CompTIA A+ exams:

Prepare for Two Types of Questions

CompTIA A+ exams contain standard multiple-choice and performance-based questions. While you may do well with multiple-choice simply by studying, the performance-based questions will require a different approach.  Performance-based questions on the exams will place you in simulated IT environments where you need to resolve challenges creatively and resourcefully.  

The best way to prepare yourself for performance-based questions is by familiarizing yourself with frequently used IT terminologies, practicing specific IT tasks, and finding out about the most commonly tested items to focus on your study plans. This is another great benefit of our Foundation subscription – you can retake any course as many times as you’d like.

Form Study Groups

While online self-learning is convenient and cost-effective to help you preparing for the CompTIA A+ examinations, you might also discover valuable insights by participating in online forums and discussions led by fellow candidates and industry experts. These groups can provide you with a dynamic outlet to discuss performance-based intricacies. Additionally, membership with an online community might lead to long-term professional relationships and career opportunities. 

Avoid “Brain Dumps”

Brain dumps refer to content and resources posted by former students. These include both individual experiences and the questions encountered during the exams. It’s not wise to  depend on brain dumps as a winning solution as these may contain unethical and unverified information. Additionally, purely memorizing brain dumps defeats the purpose of the CompTIA A+ cert, which prepares you with the technical skills and knowledge for your careers.

Utilize Virtual Labs

Specialized virtual CompTIA A+ test labs provide you with access to IT equipment in training your practical skills. The prerequisites for the virtual labs include a desktop computer, monitor, a stable internet connection, and operating system that qualify under CompTIA A+ requirements. 

Practical training supplements theory, helping you master the fundamentals in task management such as overclocking CPUs and setting up desktop configurations. Additionally, CompTIA A+ labs come with step-by-step guides closely aligned with common exam objectives for more streamlined learning. 

Leverage Your Develop Subscription

Our CompTIA A+ exam prep courses are led by industry experts and run the gamut from mobile networking to laptop features and TCP ports and protocols, providing you with the knowledge and confidence to pass the exams and earn your certification. 

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