How To Be Successful With Online Learning

Posted by Ricky Cadden
December 14, 2020

Today, business and tech professionals face enormous pressure to keep their skills current and to maintain a working knowledge of ever-changing principles, skills, and concepts. In addition to career growth, there’s a financial incentive to learning new skills – in 2020, IT professionals who gained new skills and/or certifications received an average raise of $12,000-$13,000, according to the 2020 IT Skills and Salary Report from Global Knowledge.

The best way for today’s professionals to learn new skills and gain experience is through online learning platforms and subscriptions like Develop. Online learning is incredibly affordable, available 24-7, and can be accessed nearly anywhere – it’s perfect for today’s remote-friendly and convenience-focused culture.

We want to make sure that your online learning experience is rewarding and successful. It’s important that you’re learning new skills, but it’s also important that you enjoy the process. Follow Develop’s tips for online learning success to help you get the most value out of your online learning experience. Learn how to be successful with your online classes and reach your full potential.

Tip #1: Set Goals For Yourself 

Setting goals isn’t just a good practice to have in your life – it’s crucial for online learning as well! Decide up front what these goals will be, a realistic time-frame to achieve them, and what it will help you accomplish. A good example is “I want to learn Agile Project Management concepts, principles, and skills, so that I can introduce this methodology to my team. I will do this by spending 1 hour each weekday going through Develop’s Project Management courses.” Writing your goals down in a highly visible place and sharing them with others is also a great way to hold yourself accountable. 

Tip #2: Have a Dedicated Space To Avoid Distractions

The human brain is an incredible thing. Did you know that your brain can actually begin to associate a specific location or environment with learning? This is why it’s important to have a designated place to study. It doesn’t need to be at your desk in an office – perhaps your “learning space” is in a hammock with your tablet, or on the couch with your laptop. That’s one of the benefits of an online learning platform – it’s available pretty much anywhere, on any device! Just make sure the space is quiet and you can avoid frequent interruptions. A good pair of noise-cancelling headphones can really help as well. 

Tip #3: Take Notes To Help You Retain Information

Studies show that simply writing something down can tremendously improve your ability to learn and remember it. While a simple pen and notepad will work, all of our online courses also have a dedicated note-taking feature built right in, so you can take notes right there on our site. Whatever works best for you. 

Tip #4: Approach It Like Being In A Classroom

Just because online learning is set up differently than a classroom, it doesn’t make the learning less effective. Develop’s online learning platform features hands-on exercises, practices, and demonstrations. Don’t skip over these, practicing what you learned is a proven method of committing the information to long-term memory. If you approach the experience as you would being in a classroom, you’re more likely to retain what you’re learning.

Tip #5: Celebrate Your Progress

As you progress through your online courses, you should celebrate key milestones. Whether it’s completing a section or mastering a new skill, it’s important to reward yourself or share the achievement with your family, friends, and coworkers. Have fun and be creative with these celebrations so that you’re motivated to push on to the next one. We make this easy by offering free Course Completion Certificates for all of our courses.

Tip #6: Revisit Courses As Needed

Let’s be honest – you may not immediately put ALL of your new skills into practice every day. That’s OK – it’s one of the reasons that with Develop, you get unlimited access to all of the courses in your online learning subscription, whether you’re learning core essentials in our Foundation subscription, or going more in-depth with the Data Academy or Cybersecurity Academy. We also work with our instructors and industry experts to ensure that our courses are updated as the technology changes. 

If you put these six tips for online learning success into practice, you will have no trouble achieving your online learning goals. 

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