Introducing Smart Learning: Helping You Find The Skills You Need

Posted by John McKeever
December 9, 2020

One thing that we’ve heard repeatedly from learners is that the old style of online learning just won’t cut it anymore. With decades of combined experience in the online learning industry, this is something that our team has been thinking about for a while.

Professionals who are investing in themselves and building new skills are increasingly demanding courses and online learning platforms that learn with them. These intelligent online learning solutions will guide students down an intuitive, personalized learning path that we’ve dubbed “Smart Learning”. 

Earlier this year, we introduced Course Completion Certificates, available at the end of every single online course that we offer. Today, we’re announcing that next course recommendations are available as part of our initial Smart Learning capabilities. This new feature will enable learners to easily progress through online courses and stay on track to grow their new skills in areas of interest.

Next course recommendations, as part of Smart Learning, will initially follow learning paths that guide learners from the introduction of new skills to those course completion certificates, and allow them to branch off to related topics. In future phases, the recommendations will become more intelligent. This intelligence will help users avoid spending time slogging through courses for skills that they already have, and will introduce new courses to gain skills that might be related to or complement the original skill. 

We envision a future where learning is as smart as you are, and this is the first step to getting to desired skill level destinations more quickly and efficiently. Learn new skills online with Develop today.

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