Learn Programming Basics with Wallace Kelly

Posted by John McKeever
September 24, 2020

So you’re ready to start programming, but you have no clue where to start? Let Wallace Kelly guide you through basic programming with Develop’s online learning platform!

Our new Programming Basics online course gives you an overview of programming, including the essentials of 10 of the most popular programming languages. You’ll also learn more about data and tooling, and how you could build a successful career as a programmer. 

Programming Basics is included in our Foundation subscription, along with 300+ other expert-led online courses that teach you data science, project management, software development, devops, cloud technologies, and more. 

It’s important that your Foundation subscription helps you stay knowledgeable about new technologies, so we’re constantly adding new online classes. Recently, that includes Jira 8 Recipes, the Ultimate Java Masterclass, as well as expanding our DevOps and Cloud courses, adding introductory learning around Operating Systems, and the introduction of a full Data Science learning path.

Now is the perfect time to learn basic programming in our Foundation subscription with Develop’s on-demand and online courses. Start your free trial today!

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