New Python and Computer Vision Workshops Added to Data Academy

Posted by Ricky Cadden
June 5, 2020

We’ve just added 21 new courses to our Data Academy, as part of our ongoing commitment to continuously update our course collections. With these new courses, our Data Academy now totals 150 courses, which contain a whopping 1,190 exercises and activities, ensuring our learners get the hands-on practice they need to become true data experts. 

As always, these new courses are included at no additional charge for existing subscribers.

So, what’s new?

Since Python is a core language used by data experts, we’ve added an entire workshop focused on statistics and calculus with Python:

The Statistics and Calculus Workshop

Additionally, the new Computer Vision workshop offers an in-depth introduction to image processing and other methods of helping machines “see” our world:

The Computer Vision Workshop

Finally, we’ve introduced the first course to our Reinforcement Learning Workshop, allowing you to Practice Deep Learning with TF2