New to Data Academy: Data with R

Posted by John McKeever
May 4, 2021

Our Data Academy is designed to provide tech professionals with expert training on all things related to data – from data science to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Today we’re announcing a new topic that’s included with the subscription – R.

What Is R?

R is a programming language that was released in 1993 – almost 30 years ago! It’s a free software environment that’s built for statistical computing and graphics. R is supported by the R Foundation for Statistical Computing and is widely used by data miners and statisticians for analysis. As of May 2021, R was ranked 13th in the TIOBE index, which measures the popularity of various programming languages. 

What Courses Are Available?

Our Data Academy currently includes three learning paths focused on R:

Applied Unsupervised Learning with R

These courses start with the basics, including clustering methods, distribution analysis, data encoders, and other features of R that enable you to really get a handle on your data. By the end of the learning path, you’ll understand various anomaly detection methods, including outlier detection, Mahalanobis distances, and contextual/collective anomaly detection.

R Programming for Statistics and Data Science

In this learning path, you’ll learn how to program R, including how to build your own functions and how to systematically explore data. You’ll visualize your data in new ways and learn how to index, slice, and subset your data to test hypotheses. Additionally, you’ll gain skills in working with R’s conditional statements, functions, and loops, and learn some best practices when it comes to transforming your data. 

Complete Data Wrangling and Data Visualization in R

In these courses, you’ll learn key data visualization concepts, so you can apply them to practical data analysis and interpretation with R. You’ll also learn to determine which data wrangling and visualization techniques are best suited to your project using real-world examples such as Olympic and Nobel Prize winner data.

All of these courses are included as part of our Data Academy, which provides online classes taught by industry experts, along with hundreds of real-world, hands-on practice exercises, instructor-led demonstrations, and helpful knowledge checks. Additionally, each course includes a course completion certificate, so you can document your progress. 

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