New To Foundation: Hands-On Building Alexa Skills

Posted by John McKeever
December 2, 2020

Amazon has sold hundreds of millions of Alexa-enabled devices, and developers have created over 100,000 Alexa Skills to add new capabilities and features to this smart assistant. With such a massive opportunity, we want to help you learn the skills that you need to create your own…skills. Amazon Alexa Skills, that is. 

Our online learning platform’s new “Hands-On Building Alexa Skills” online course set will introduce you to the core concepts of voice design, and teach you how to program your backend using the Alexa Skills Kit. 

What Will You Learn?

Once you complete the Hands-On Building Alexa Skills online courses, you’ll understand Voice User Interface Design principles, and be able to build custom voice commands for Alexa devices like the Echo speaker and Fire tablets using the Alexa Skills Kit, Voiceflow, and Node.js. You’ll also learn about the Alexa ecosystem and how to use Voiceflow, Node.js, Lambda functions, and Amazon Web Services to deploy your new skills. 

About The Instructor

Paul Hickey is the CEO of Data Driven Design and founder of the Nashville Voice Conference, which focuses on using voice-based applications like Alexa Skills to help businesses increase efficiency, effectiveness, and relevancy. Paul spends his spare time studying technology and consumer behavior trends and can be found at 

Hands-On Building Alexa Skills Course Index

The Hands-On Building Alexa Skills courses are included in our Foundation subscription, along with 300+ other expert-led online courses that teach you networking & telecom, data science, project management, software development, devops, cloud technologies, and more. 

It’s important that your Foundation subscription helps you stay knowledgeable about new technologies, so we’re constantly adding new courses to our online learning platform. Recently, that includes Programming Basics, Jira 8 Recipes, the Ultimate Java Masterclass, as well as expanding our DevOps and Cloud courses, adding introductory learning around Operating Systems, and the introduction of a full Data Science learning path.

Now is the perfect time to start the Hands-On Building Alexa Skills courses in our Foundation subscription.

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