New to Foundation: Learn Jira 8

Posted by John McKeever
September 15, 2020

While it’s important to be able to write code, you won’t get very far if you’re not able to successfully ship your code. That’s why DevOps is an increasingly valuable skill set to have, particularly if you’re working on a growing enterprise team.

To help you be more productive, we’re adding a full set of new online courses to our Foundation subscription to help you learn Jira 8. These online courses will provide you with a solid foundation in Jira so that you’re equipped to use it efficiently to improve your team’s productivity. 

Why Learn Jira 8?

Jira is one of the most popular issue and project management tools, with many features that help teams stay focused, on track, and productive. For agile software development teams, Jira makes it easier to ensure that bugs are identified, tracked, and fixed, and new features are properly planned for. Make your Jira workflows more efficient and improve team productivity. Our online course will teach you how to pull Jira reports so you know if you’re on track with projects.

What You’ll Learn

With nearly 5 hours of expert-led training, you’ll learn how to use Jira, develop and deploy your own Jira plugins, modifying them for your own needs. You’ll also learn how to customize the look and feel of your Jira UI, and then perform a detailed configuration of Jira Issues for administrators. Then you’ll learn to create and manage custom fields in Jira efficiently, and operate with Jira workflows by learning to manipulate them programmatically. Finally, we cover how to build useful gadgets and prepare Jira reports.

Jira 8 Recipes

You can learn Jira 8 in our Foundation subscription, along with 300+ other expert-led courses designed to build your skills in project management, software development, cloud technologies, cybersecurity, and more. Start your track today and become a Jira expert.

Over the past few months, we’ve been continually adding new content to our Foundation subscription. For $99/year, this includes the Ultimate Java Masterclass, as well as expanding our DevOps and Cloud courses, adding introductory learning around Operating Systems, and the introduction of a full Data Science learning path.

Now is the perfect time to start learning Jira 8 in our Foundation subscription.

$9.99/month with 30-day free trial. Cancel anytime.