Stay On Track And On Task With Microsoft Project 2019

Posted by John McKeever
February 9, 2021

Without good project management, it’s easy for all of your tasks, resources, deadlines, and deliverables to get lost in the shuffle. Microsoft Project 2019 has the tools and features you need to keep up with it all. 

Today we’re launching a full set of Microsoft Project 2019 courses for both beginners and more advanced users. These expert-led courses include hands-on activities, demonstrations, and knowledge checks to ensure that you can put your new skills into practice. 

Imagine how much more you’ll be able to accomplish with a little bit of organization and efficiency?

$9.99/month with free trial. Cancel anytime.

Microsoft Project 2019 Course Index

Microsoft Project 2019 for Beginners

Microsoft Project 2019 Advanced

All of these new Microsoft Project 2019 courses are included in our Foundation subscription, along with hundreds of other expert-led online courses that teach you networking & telecom, data science, project management, software development, devops, cloud technologies, and more. 

It’s important that your Foundation subscription helps you stay knowledgeable about new technologies, so we’re constantly adding new courses. Recently, that includes a full suite of Microsoft Office 2019 courses, How To Build a Classic Duck Hunting Game in Augmented Reality, Blockchain Real World Projects, Hands-On Building Alexa Skills, and more.

Now is the perfect time to start learning how to use Microsoft Project 2019 in our Foundation subscription. Start your free trial today!