Top Career Paths for Data Professionals

Posted by Develop Admin
May 26, 2021

There has never been a better time to work in the world of data and IT. The global pandemic has shown how vital technology is to maintain services and infrastructure and has also highlighted fresh ways of working. With an increasing reliance on digital technology, the demand for experts has increased. Here’s the lowdown on the top career paths for data professionals.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a strong and sustained growth area in technology. It underpinned industry and global supply chains during the Coronavirus pandemic with many businesses discovering its benefits for the first time. As the world emerges from the pandemic and sees the benefits of integrating cloud computing into their work, they are likely to design their businesses to include the technology.

Cloud computing is another area where there are shortages of skilled workers but it is a growth sector. A course that includes the latest technological skills in cloud computing will help you in your job search. Salaries are near $153,000 on average.

Data Science

Data scientists analyze data, from retail trends to monitoring a global pandemic. Data science careers require knowledge of artificial intelligence, applied SQL, data visualization, and other skills that will enable you to operate in a range of sectors and support with the information needed to grow businesses and improve lives. 

Learning the skills to be a data engineer, managing data sources and pulling them together to get actionable insights is a huge area of opportunity. Companies in every industry are wading into their data lake and needing a smart data analyst to help them use this information to influence big business decisions. 

Health and Pharmaceutical Intelligence

The COVID-19 pandemic saw medical care transform overnight to virtual clinics and online meetings. Vaccination programs have been dependent on technology to roll out and succeed. The future of healthcare in digital management, artificial intelligence, genomics, and the growth of the pharmaceutical industry are all great indicators. This sector is looking to recruit highly skilled data analysts to use big data to better understand population health and disease trends in order to prevent chronic disease.

Sales and Marketing Analytics and Automation

Another area where there is a demand for data professionals is in sales and marketing. Skilled IT professionals are needed not just to sell a product to a client but to ensure it is a good fit with existing and interdependent systems.

Additionally, data analysis and optimization is a major focus for sales and marketing teams to ensure that their ad campaigns are hitting the right people with the right message at the right time. Often, these campaigns are using machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to make data-driven decisions in real time. If you are thinking of working in this area, the average salary in the USA is $153,000.

Risk Assessment and Risk Management

There are all kinds of risks associated with data and technology so an expert in this area can earn a competitive salary. Data governance and management is an area where risk management is a priority, especially with governments around the world rethinking privacy and other important legislation. Develop’s Data Academy can give you skills to specialize in areas like risk so you can prepare for jobs in this area. People working in risk management as data professionals can earn an average salary of $131,000.

Project and Program Management

When someone implements a new IT system or program connected to technology such as artificial intelligence, there are very specific requirements that need to be met within a project. Specialist project and program managers who understand the nuances of technology and data management can command higher salaries and are also in demand because of a shortage of people with this knowledge set. 

Knowing how the various stages of implementing systems, connecting to other IT services and data governance is vital in this job. You’ll find courses that equip you with the latest program management tools and technical expertise such as Python will place you in a powerful position for jobs in this sector. Salaries are in the $124,00 area.

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