Insider Insights with Ed Fonseca

Posted by Ricky Cadden
July 1, 2020

Develop’s online learning platform is dedicated to providing in-demand business and tech skills at great prices, and also serving as a resource for professionals who are looking to start a new career and need guidance on how to begin. To help with this, we’re hosting a series of blog posts and webinars with key leaders throughout various industries.

We hope you’ll join us on Thursday, July 9th at 2 PM ET for a conversation with Ed Fonseca, Network Engineer at Agile Defense, where he works to provide secure network design and operations support to various government organizations. 

We’ll talk about how Ed got where he is today and what his current role as a network engineer looks like, why learning is so important in his career, and what he would recommend for anyone who is recently unemployed or looking to start a new career. 

Ed has 10 years of experience in IT across varied fields, including K-12 education and the festival event space. He is also CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner certified (CASP), CCNA certified, and is working toward his Cisco CCNP & CCIE Enterprise and Cisco DevNet Associate certifications. Ed has worked on several projects to deploy SDN solutions such as Cisco ISE, and has been a lead technician on multiple department-wide inspections (which were passed with flying colors, of course).

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