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Your Account

How do I get started?

It’s easy! Create your Develop account and choose your subscription type. Then choose the courses you want to take.

Do you have a video showing me how to get started? I prefer watching videos.

Of course! Watch our short video below to learn how to get started with Develop.

How do I create an account?

On the homepage, click the LOG IN button. Click Create an Account. Enter your Email, Name, Username, and Password. Click Create Account.

To create an account using your social media credentials, click the button corresponding to the social media account you’d like to use under the ‘or create an account using’ section. Then provide those credentials.

How do I activate my new account?

After creating your account, you will receive an activation email at the email address you entered during sign up. Select the link in the email to activate your account.

What if I forgot my login or password?

If you see an “email or password incorrect” message when logging in, make sure that the email address you entered is the one that you used when creating your account.

If you are unable to remember your password, you can select reset above the password field. On the next screen, enter the email address you used to register your account and click Reset my password. Password reset instructions will be sent to your email address.

How do I update my account settings or customize my profile?

After you’ve signed in, hover over your name in the upper right and select My Account. In the Profile section, update your email and select Save Changes.

Once your email is updated, you must confirm the email update. A confirmation email will be sent to your new and old email addresses. You will not be able to login with your new email until you complete the verification.

Can I change my Username?


How do I change the email address associated with my account?

After you’ve signed in, select the MY ACCOUNT button. Click PROFILE. Click on the arrow to edit your profile. Change your email address in the Email Address (Sign In) box.

A confirmation email will be sent to the new email address. You will need to click the confirmation prompt in that email before the email address is changed. 

How do I reset my account password?

Click the MY ACCOUNT button, then PROFILE. Scroll down and select Reset Your Password. Check your registered email account for instructions to reset your password.


What subscription options are available?

The Develop content that you will have access to as a Subscriber depends on the type of Subscription plan you purchase. The plans currently available are Foundation and Data Academy

Our Foundation level subscription gives you unlimited access to over 300 courses covering things like DevOps, Cybersecurity, and Project Management. You can see a complete list of course by visiting the Foundation page.

Our Academies are designed to provide comprehensive, in-depth courses in a single topic area, including hands-on practice opportunities. You can see a complete list of available courses by visiting the Data Academy page.

Accessing Courses

How do I find the right course for me?

You can browse available courses by subscription or topic area. Locate the subscriptions and topics under the Courses menu.

Additionally, you can search by keyword in the search box at the top of the page.

How do I start a course?

After you have purchased a subscription, you are able to start any course included in that subscription bundle.

After you have located the course you would like to take, click on the course. This will take you to the Course Information page. From here, click the START COURSE button.

If you are not subscribed to the subscription associated with the course, you will see a Subscribe button instead. Once you purchase the appropriate subscription, you can return to the course page and begin learning.

Is there a video explainer showing me how to find, begin, and take courses?

Yes there is and we’ve included it below.

How do I access my course?

From the Develop home page, hover over your name and select MY COURSES from the menu. On this tab, you will see a list of courses you have previously started. Select the course you want to start or resume, and you will be taken to the Course Content page where you can start or resume your course.

You can also browse available courses by subscription or topic area. Locate the subscriptions and topics under the Courses menu.

Where do I see courses that I’ve started?

From the Develop home page, hover over your name and select MY COURSES from the menu. On this tab, you will see a list of courses you have previously started. Select the course you want to start or resume and you will be taken to the Course Content page where you can start or resume your course.

Where do I see courses that I’ve completed?

From the Develop home page, hover over your name and select MY COURSES from the menu. On this tab, you will see a list of courses you have previously started. Select the course you want to start or resume and you will be taken to the Course Content page where you can start or resume your course.

Will I receive a certificate when I complete a course?

Yes, certificates are now available when you complete a course.

How do I view my certificate?

At the end of your course, if you have met the certificate requirements, you will be presented with an option to GET MY CERTIFICATE.

When you select GET MY CERTIFICATE, your certificate will be generated. Once your certificate is generated, you will be able to select VIEW MY CERTIFICATE.

Can I print my certificate?

Yes. When you select VIEW MY CERTIFICATE at the end of a course, a new tab will open with your certificate. At the top of the page, a PRINT CERTIFICATE button will be present.

What are the requirements to receive a certificate for a course?

If you have completed the below requirements, you are eligible for a certificate of completion for a course.

  • Watched 75% of the course video content
  • Viewed 80% of the course

Can I view a free course?

Yes! On the home page, check out the Free Course section or view the Free Courses under the Courses tab. Additionally, you can visit


How can I search for a course or topic?

There are two ways to search for a course or topic on the Develop site. You can search from the header bar on the site or from the Course Catalog page.

The search bar in the top banner of the site will give you quick results for courses or other information on your topic such as blog posts and webinars.

Searching the Course Catalog provides more options for narrowing down your search to find specific courses that meet your needs. To access the Course Catalog click COURSES in the site header and then choose See all Courses.

You can search by course title or topic, for example, Python. Search results can be filtered by subscription type, course subject, and level (e.g. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).

From the Course Catalog page, type the course title or topic into the search bar and filter as needed. Courses that match your search will be displayed beneath the search area.

How can I search a course for content?

Search functionality is available on the Course tab within a course.

The search functionality on the Course tab provides any searched terms found in the course outline, or static text content of the course.

Course Features

Video Controls

How do I turn on/off closed captions or interactive transcripts on or off?

All videos contain Closed Captioning (subtitles) in English. There is also a dynamically linked transcript that allows you to click on a word in the transcript and jump to that point in the video.

You can turn interactive transcripts on or off for a video by clicking the Transcripts button in the lower right corner of the video player. Interactive transcripts appear to the right of the screen, and keep pace with the video as it plays.

You can turn closed captions on or off by clicking the Closed captioning button. Closed captions appear along the bottom of the video.

How do I enable full screen video mode?

Click the “X” button in the lower right corner of the video player to go into full screen mode. Press the Esc button on your keyboard to exit full screen mode.


Why isn’t the Next button working?

The Next and Previous buttons at the bottom of a course page allow you to move through the course materials one unit at a time. Once you reach the last unit in a course, the Next button will deactivate.


Can I make notes in my course?

Yes. You can highlight text passages and make notes within the course. These highlights and notes then appear within the body of the course on the page where you created the note. However, notes are not available for exercises, videos, or PDFs.

How do I add a note?

To highlight a passage or add a note that includes text and tags, follow these steps:

  1. Select the text that you want to highlight or make the note about. You can select as much text as you want.
  2.  When a pencil “edit” icon appears above the selected text, select the icon to open the note editor. 
  3. When the note editor opens, enter your note.
  4. After you finish writing your note and adding tags, select Save or press Enter.
  5. The note editor closes, and the text that you selected remains highlighted.

How do I review my notes?

Review your notes by hovering over highlighted sections within the course or by accessing the Notes tab in your course.

By default, you see all of your notes within the course. You can hide your notes, and show them again, by selecting the pencil icon in the lower right corner. When the pencil icon has a dark gray background, notes are visible. When the pencil icon has a light gray background, notes are hidden.

If you hide notes, you cannot make new notes. To make new notes, select the pencil icon to show notes.

Jupyter Notebooks

How do I use Jupyter notebooks?

Install and Download Jupyter:
Accessing Jupyter Notebooks:


How does the Discussions feature work?

Course discussions allow you to start conversations with, interact with, and ask questions of other learners.

In your course, click the Discussions tab.

On the left side of the Discussions page, the navigation pane displays all of the topics and posts in the course’s discussions. All topics can be read and posted to from the navigation pane.

In the main area of the Discussions page, when you have not selected any topics or posts, you see a “How to use edX discussions” graphic. The graphic shows the basic actions you can take with course discussions. Select the “Receive updates” option in the graphic to receive a daily email digest of new activity from your course’s discussions.

You can add a post for course-wide or content-specific discussion topics on the Discussion page.

  1. On the Discussion page, select Add a Post.
  2. Determine the type of post you want to make, and select Question or Discussion.
  3. Determine the most appropriate topic for adding your post to, and select the topic from the Topic Area list.
  4. In the Title box, enter a short, descriptive title. The title is the part of your post that others see when they are browsing on the Discussion page or scrolling through one of the content-specific topics.
  5. Enter the text of your post. To format the text or to add links or images, use the formatting options above the text box. Any text formatting or images that you add are only visible when others read your post in a web browser. The edX mobile app currently does not display added formatting or images.

If you come to a discussion as you work through the units in your course, or if you know where in the course a particular discussion originates, you can add a post for that discussion from the unit in your course.

The following steps apply only to content-specific discussions.

  1. From within your course, open the unit that includes the discussion topic that you want to add a post to, and then scroll to the discussion.
  2. The title and the first line of each post is shown in the list of posts.
  3. To read an entire post and view its responses and comments, select any part of the post preview.
  4. To contribute a new post to the discussion, select Add a Post and follow the same steps that you use to add a post to the discussion page.
  5. To respond to an existing post or comment on an existing response, follow the steps described in Adding responses or comments in a discussion.
Offline Access

Can I download or print course material to view offline?

Courses are fully online. To view course content you need an active internet connection.

It is not possible to download or print a course.


What payment options do you accept?

  • All major debit and credit cards
  • Paypal
  • Paypal Credit (Available to customers located in the United States of America and paying in USD)

How do I pay in a currency other than USD?

Subscriptions can be purchased in USD (U.S. Dollar) or INR (Indian Rupee).

To change your purchasing currency, select the currency drop down displayed at the top of the page next to the cart icon.

What if my credit or debit card is declined?

Please contact your card-issuing bank for more information about the failed transaction. For privacy and security, card issuers can only discuss the specifics of a declined payment with their cardholders.

To determine why your payment was declined, consider the following, and if necessary, contact your bank for more information:

  • Did you enter your credit card number, credit card expiration date, or billing address incorrectly?
  • Does your debit card require you to enter a pin? If yes, another card may be required for this purchase.
  • Does your issuing bank have any restrictions on cross-border usage? If yes, request your issuing bank remove the restriction.

A valid payment method must be on file in order to obtain access to Develop content.

How/when am I charged for my subscription?

You enter your payment information at the time of subscription (checkout).

If your purchase includes a free trial, your credit card will be charged at the end of the trial period. Free trials extend the length of your subscription by the trial duration.

If you cancel a subscription during the free trial period, access to the content will end immediately.

If your purchase does not include a free trial, you will be charged for the full amount of your subscription term when you complete your purchase.

Subscriptions auto-renew at the end of the subscription term. If you do not wish to renew, you must cancel your subscription prior to the renewal date.

How do I update, change or remove my payment method?

After you’ve signed in, click MY ACCOUNT. Click BILLING.

To update a payment method on file, simply add it as a new payment method with the updated details. Click ADD PAYMENT METHOD and enter payment details. Once it is added, you can delete the outdated payment method.

If you have only one payment method on file and you’d like to change your payment method, you must first add a new payment method. Click ADD PAYMENT METHOD, enter payment details, and select ‘Update the Payment Method Used for All of my Active Subscriptions.’ You can then delete any payment method(s) you do not wish to have on file.

If you have multiple payment methods on file and you’d like to change your payment method for future payments, simply click MAKE DEFAULT next to the payment method you wish to use. You can delete any payment method(s) you do not wish to have on file.

If you have an active subscription, you must always have at least one valid payment method on file. If you do not have any active subscriptions, you can delete all payment methods on file.

Your default card will be used for all future payments.

How do I update my billing address?

After you’ve signed in, click MY ACCOUNT. Click BILLING. Click EDIT BILLING ADDRESS. If your billing address changed for any saved payment methods you have on file, be sure to remove all saved payment methods on file and re-add them after you’ve updated your billing address.

Can I share my subscription with other users?

No. You may not share, transfer, or assign your Subscription or any Develop Content to anyone else.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. Submit a support ticket to opt out of your subscription renewal. Your subscription will not auto renew at the end of the term. Please refer to Develop Subscriber Terms and Conditions.

How do I get a refund?

There are no refunds once a subscription is purchased.

If I cancel my subscription, how long can I access courses I’ve completed?

Once you have cancelled your subscription, your access will be terminated at the end of the current billing period.

Can I purchase just one course?

No. You must subscribe to the Foundation or Academy offer, each of which provides access to a bundle of courses.

Getting The Most out of Develop

What languages are supported?

Right now our courses are offered in English only. The default language for all menu and instructions within the learning platform is English.

What are the system requirements and which browsers work best with

Most current browsers will work with the Develop Learning Platform. For best performance we recommend current versions of Chrome or Firefox. Most Develop courses can be taken on any desktop or laptop computer that has an Internet connection and can run an up to date browser. The platform is routinely tested and verified on the current version and the previous version of each of these browsers. We generally encourage the use of, and fully support only, the latest version.

Are the courses available on tablets or mobile devices?

Most components of your courses will function on a mobile browser, but some more advanced problem types and content features might not, depending on the content of the particular course. At times you might need to use a computer with an up-to-date version of Chrome or Firefox to complete tasks.

iPads and Android tablets provide the best mobile experience.


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